Best Practices

Where and when to use RadiateBuzz’s JustSoldIt


Geographically Dispersed Salesforce

Regional sales offices are largely gone. Today’s B2B sellers operate independently out of their personal home office, an impediment to fostering team communication and collaboration. Yet study after study shows that cohesive teams that collaborate are far more productive and effective, increasing win rates by 21%.

JustSoldIt is ideal for B2B sales. It provides sellers with the means to identify and connect with the best knowledge sources at their time of need. The entire sales ecosystem benefits by sharing intelligence, best practices, current trends, strategies, new ideas, even courage and inspiration. Knowledge and intelligence flows freely throughout the organization. Analytics and metrics give management insight into the field sales activities and competitive pressures well before the win or loss. The result: JustSoldIt creates a sales-driven culture, increasing your odds of winning.


On-Boarding and Everboarding

When the classroom training nears its end, JustSoldIt (JSIt) serves as a virtual ride-along, a reliable expert companion. JSIt helps new hires to make progress with leads and opportunities with greater efficiency. Learning time is compressed when new hires connect with experienced sellers, on-demand. The rapid transfer of knowledge, intelligence, and accumulated shared experiences enables your new sellers to come up to speed far more quickly, gaining deep experience along the way. JustSoldIt streamlines the entire process.

How do reps keep up to speed with new products/ services launches, and market initiatives? Weekly sales calls dominated by managers and semi-annual sales meetings are not enough. JustSoldIt is ideal for ever-boarding, enabling reps to fluently share knowledge, intelligence, and best practices with the experts on these new initiatives in an easy, effective and scalable way.  


Mergers and Cross Pollination

Your company recently merged. Justifying the merger, your organization is now tasked with generating more revenue, possibly while cutting costs. How do you close the knowledge gaps between the two selling teams? How do you engage sellers to cross-pollinate on deals and to learn each other’s product lines – fast? JustSoldIt (JSIt) is the only tool up to the task. As a registry of all deals, past and present, JSIt enables reps to identify products, solutions, and services sold along many deal dimensions.  Armed with this information, new solicitation can be designed for cross-sell and up-sell, taking advantage of the entire merged product lines. JustSoldIt accelerates the learning curve for all parties, making them more effective at cross-selling and up-selling.   


New Product Launches

Your organization continuously improves product features, adds additional services, and launches new product lines. It is challenging for sellers to get out of their comfort zone of selling the old and to keep up with the new offerings. JustSoldIt is the ideal solution.

JSIt provides reps a convenient way to reach out and get information that goes beyond classroom training - from other reps who successfully sold the new offerings. Moreover, JSIt enables product managers to directly understand from the field what is working and what isn’t, information so they can make timely course corrections.

JustSoldIt empowers successful product launches, accelerating revenue generation to keep your organization on the leading edge.