Intelligence and Knowledge Sharing for the Sales Ecosystem

There is no other tool like JustSoldIt (JSIt). It offers an innovative approach that empowers repeatable success. JSIt enables sales reps to focus on the most difficult aspects of their job — the process of client engagement. It is during the engagement process that reps are faced with unanticipated issues and challenges. JSIT helps sellers find the answers and the right strategy. From crafting the winning play, to discovering (un-documented) use-cases, to

identifying sales team members who walked in their shoes, sellers find all the answers.

Best of all, JSIt uses your firm’s existing corporate data to perform its functions. There is no data to enter, no new sales burdens.  Reps simply enjoy the sales-winning benefits of JSIt. Furthermore, JustSoldIt provides management a host of field sales metrics for more informed decision making.

Making the Connections You Need to Sell 

If you know how to use Navigation, you already know how to use JustSoldIt

Sales reps now have the power of their entire organization on every client engagement, improving win rates by 21%

Why Connections Matter

Bringing Human Intelligence To The Forefront

JustSoldIt impacts client engagement by bringing HUMAN INTELLIGENCE to the forefront, to fill knowledge gaps while eliminating the trial and error of investigating questions and searching for resources. JustSoldIt enables spot-on connections by identifying who is winning (in your organization) in real-time.  Now reps in the process of selling can enlist the support of those that just sold a similar opportunity. Connect, tap into their wisdom, experience, sales techniques, learn of competitive tips and success strategies.

JustSoldIt uses the power of RadiateBuzz’s Enterprise Knowledge Discovery engine to enable information to flow freely throughout the entire organization to solve sales challenges. Reps can identify, connect and learn:

Identify, connect and learn:

  • Who contributed meaningful support? What was used?

  • What sales, marketing and training materials were used?

  • Identify channel partners and third parties involved

  • Share sales documents - Avoid reinventing the wheel

  • Competitive tips and information

  • Who has walked in my selling shoes?

  • What resonates, why?

  • Develop an understanding of new industries

  • Manage buyer personas

  • The differentiators that matter in context

  • The best entry path and winning strategy

Tap into your experts’ wisdom, experience, and sales techniques. Learn competitive tips and success strategies.

Smash silos. Unleash new ideas. Sell with confidence. Improve the odds of closing.

How to Make Connections

Deal Attributes Determine the Best Knowledge Resources

Making Connections is easy and fast with three options to tell JustSoldIt about your opportunity: (1) voice recognition, “hey, JustSoldIt”, (2) reference the opportunity in your CRM, or (3) manually input your deal dimensions with a few clicks.


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