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RadiateBuzz’s Enterprise Knowledge Discovery (EKD) engine powers JustSoldIt 2.0. EKD goes beyond existing corporate tools. It gets to the heart of seeking and identifying individual’s knowledge, experience, and skill sets that can then be shared with others at their moment of need. The skill sets of the entire organization become a discoverable asset, with overwhelming benefits. This innovation is no small matter, promising to revolutionize how corporate employees link, connect, share information, and collaborate for improved performance.

Our EKD engine knows your sellers’ sales histories and current pipeline down to the small details. The platform calculates the best knowledge sources among the sales team members, specialists, marketing and support personnel. Additionally the system uses social information for improved matching capabilities, and business rules as required. The systems knows or calculates:

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The engine leverages our patent pending AI, ML, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and specialized algorithms to identify and connect the sellers not only to experts, but also to a host of corporate resources, enabling reps to get their answers — and get back to selling fast.

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The Winning Play

You have a new opportunity. Identify closed opportunities within the company that were exactly like or similar to the one you are working on. Identify the seller, the sales team, and the relevant sales documents. Connect and discover from those who were in the trenches what worked and what didn’t. Gain real-time insights, understand the nuances, collaborate on new ideas, and boost your inner resolve to win. JustSoldIt helps you replicate the success of those who proceeded you in the sales trenches.


Identify the Experts

Working on a complex deal often leaves many open questions, from the overall strategy and approach to working with personas, to solutioning, and integration issues. The good news is most of these conditions have already been worked by your team members, and the team contains a wealth of sales winning information. Use JustSoldIt to specifically identify the experts you need, the experienced experts that will enable you to get to the next steps – sellers, technical engineers, product specialists, trainers – the best knowledge sources for your specific situation.


Competitive Insights

How many times have you wished you had a good source to help you understand and anticipate your competitor’s moves? Unfortunately, finding a source is often not a practical solution. However, what if a competitor’s employee now works for your company? Would their insights be beneficial?

JustSoldIt not only knows who in your company worked for the competition but also knows their former role (sales, pre-sales support, pre-sales engineer and so on). You can gain the insights and intelligence you need to improve your odds of closing. JustSoldIt allows access to your best resources - now.


Unlimited Use Cases!

Sales representatives love use cases (success stories, case studies and so on). They inspire and provide new ideas for selling. Today, your company may have thousands of closed deals, but only a handful of use cases. Marketing just can’t keep up. The good news is JustSoldIt empowers you to do even better: find a sales team member, identified by the deals they have closed, by deal dimension. Go directly to the source for a meaningful two-way collaboration that moves your deal forward. Every closed deal is a use case! Collaborate, share knowledge and win!


Reference Accounts

There are never enough Reference Accounts. The best reference that matches your specific opportunity is hard to identify. Then when you find one, you find it has been used too often. They have a limited shelf life. JustSoldIt knows all the closed deals, down to the smallest detail. Specify a closed deal by industry, company name, products or services sold, or any number of permutations. JustSoldIt will identify the account, and the selling rep for follow up. It’s that easy. And it’s critical for your Marketing teams!


Sales Materials

You want to be fully prepared for every client encounter. You want to review all the sales and marketing materials that are applicable to your opportunity. Tell JustSoldIt about your opportunity (industry, products & services, deal size, competitors, all the deal dimensions) and let JustSoldIt do the document discovery. Get the relevant case studies, use cases, podcasts, white papers, company and industry dossiers, audio tutorials and trainings. If it is related to the deal you are working on, JustSoldIt will present the materials for consideration, as well as suggesting human sources to collaborate with. It’s fast. It’s easy. You no longer have to waste time searching.


Find Anything

Finding knowledge sources drives sales effectiveness. “Finding anything” drives sales efficiency. For example, use JustSoldIt’s Find Anything feature to locate existing content stored on a variety of platforms from Google Drive, to your corporate drive, the Box and others. Save your sales team the time it takes sorting through wikis and multiple applications to find the information they need to sell. JustSoldIt connects to frequently used documents, and assembles everything they need in one place, laptop, tablet or smartphone.