Break Down the Knowledge Silos

Enterprise Knowledge Discovery (EKD) is revolutionizing how corporate employees connect, share information and collaborate for improved performance..



Enable ‘smart communication’ between marketing and sales


Sales Enablement
and Sales Operation

Equip your teams with the most powerful selling tools



Identify and collaborate with just the resource(s)



Metric and analytics for better decision making

Leverage AI, Machine Learning and Specialized Algorithms

for Better Outcomes

Enterprise Knowledge Discovery (EKD) is a new class of capabilities that applies Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and specialized algorithms to assist corporate users in seeking to identify individuals with specific knowledge within the enterprise.

The skill sets of the entire organization become a discoverable asset, with overwhelming benefits.

An Ideal Knowledge Discovery Solution –
RadiateBuzz’s JustSoldIt 2.0

RadiateBuzz, Inc., is the leader in Enterprise Knowledge Discovery Solutions utilizing (patent pending) AI, ML, unique algorithms and voice recognition. JustSoldIt 2.0 focuses on linking B2B sellers and sales support departments within technology organizations. These capabilities, available as an easy to implement and use subscription service, may be deployed as a stand-alone system or integrated into existing CRM. Extending these capabilities, JustSoldIt 2.0 delivers field sales metrics, usage statistics and analytics to assist managers and guide overall decision making.    

Make giant leaps in sales performance and overall enterprise efficiency with just one phone call.

Tear down your corporate knowledge silos. Contact RadiateBuzz today.