RadiateBuzz Leadership Team

Today’s sales tools focus on the “art of recording” activities, rather than fostering “the art of persuasion”.  At RadiateBuzz this did not go unnoticed.  In fact, at RadiateBuzz we are all salespeople who have lived the experience, and we have put our finger on what is missing. Human interaction. That is why we invented an advanced approach for reps, and the entire sales ecosystem, to connect, interact and to be more effective.      

It’s a completely new way of supporting sales, defined by big data, AI, ML and Natural Language Processing.

Sales reps can simply find those that have walked in their selling shoes (in their own company), by the nature of the deals they are working on. Why reinvent the wheel? With geographically dispersed sales teams it’s like having one big office, where the team is free to communicate, learn, take action and win.  

As veterans of selling and technology, we are the experts at assisting sales organization to get to the next level. Tools and resources to enable your reps to be the best they can be at each stage of the buyer’s journey, from initial contact, to engagement, to close.

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