Metrics And Analytics

Improve Results with Actionable Insights

RadiateBuzz provides insights into field sales activities, unavailable with any other tool.  User activity is tracked and correlated with successful conversations and final purchase orders, allowing management to measure performance and understand the issues of individual sales reps, teams, and the entire organization.  Dependence on anecdotal field sales information is eliminated as RadiateBuzz provides accurate, methodical data from the field as it happens. What are the reps’ greatest challenges? What competitors are your reps losing to and why? With RadiateBuzz management gets unprecedented business intelligence and real-time, accurate data from the field with which to make informed and timely decisions.

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Usage Statistics

Who is reaching out to whom? Who is responding? Track and report which reps are reaching out for tips and advice and are using playbooks, case studies, video tutorials, and other sales or marketing materials.

Our Analytics Dashboard reports metric and correlates the degree of influence the conversations and supporting materials had on the closed deal.

Usage reports provide a deep understanding of sales team dynamics. Who is engaged? Who is a collaborative team player? Who has checked out? Know this ahead of the curve so you can be proactive rather than reactive and build a winning sales team.

Field Sales Metrics

Why are sales reps reaching out? What challenges do they need help with – competition, products, pricing? Whatever the reps are seeking is tracked. BuzzBoard provides detailed inquiry analytics, including insights into answered and unanswered requests and heat maps by the nature of the inquiry.

These detailed field metrics can help management identify knowledge gaps for on-boarding, ever-boarding, and new product launches.  Understand the issues of individual sales reps. Why are they losing? Why are they winning?  Identify which issues take on greater significance, if a type of inquiry or competitor comes up repeatedly. Learn early on what will enable your entire sales organization to win.

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Sales Cloud

RadiateBuzz’s Cloud Services incorporates historical enterprise data as well as information from the field as it happens. Together, you get a rich set of data in context. Learn how you can empower your team to sell smarter and faster with RadiateBuzz. Increase win rates with AI built into your sales process. Uncover pipeline trends and take action. And maximize the time your reps spend selling.  Data and metrics are easily exported to your favorite analytics engine or shared with your CRM to inform strategy and decision making.