The Power to Win in the Palm of Your Hand

Generate More Sales with
Fewer Prospects - Faster 

For years we have been told that ‘sales is a numbers game.’ But simply filling the pipeline will not create success. Your goal is to improve your odds of closing at every step of the sale process. 

Here's how

Close Knowledge Gaps - Connecting is the Key

JustSoldIt is a powerful solution for sales organizations. It is aware your company’s sales people, their sales history, their territories and who just sold what to whom. 

Now your sales people can be made aware of who is winning in real-time and connect with them to tap into their wisdom, experience, sales techniques and success strategies.  JustSoldIt has knowledge of:

  • Your products, solutions, and services
  • Industries you serve and the competition, plus
  • Your account teams, customer engineers and who helped to get each deal done

Tap into wisdom.

Easily reach out and connect to just the right team member via a quick inquiry on your smartphone.