Why JustSoldIt

Enjoy a 21% increase in close rates and immeasurable improvements in sales productivity

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JustSoldIt makes available usage statistics and a unique form of chatter from the field associated with the competition, product features and sales materials. Field sales intelligence is gathered as it unfolds, long before deals close or roll over.

JustSoldIt is management’s early warning system, providing eyes and ears into field activities, detecting competitive moves, gaining insights into acceptance or rejection of new features/products, identifying knowledge gaps for sales reps, and even adding new metrics to the formula for calculating the truly “likely to close”.      



When sales people collaborate, share challenges, discuss accomplishments, and lend encouragement, they win more often. In fact studies have show when reps collaborate among their own team members – close rates improve 21%!

JustSoldIt ensures that your reps can identify and go directly to the best expert, the rep(s) or other team members who just closed a deal like the one they are working. They discover successful sales techniques and how to vanquish the ever-changing competition. No time is wasted, quality collaboration ensues, knowledge gaps are filled, and ideas and inspiration are shared. JustSoldIt helps sales reps tap into the wisdom and win more often.


Bust Silos

Your sales and sales support teams have amassed a wealth of knowledge: solution-specific insights, up-to-date competitive intelligence, timely customer information, and more.  JustSoldIt makes it possible for that knowledge to fluidly traverse your organization unimpeded, from rep to rep or to another team member, on demand, as needed, where it is needed. 

Leveraging AI, machine learning and specialized algorithms, JustSoldIt enables your sales ecosystem to share knowledge and intelligence, when and where it is needed. JustSoldIt breaks all the barriers and empowers your entire team, creating an agile selling environment.