79% of all Marketing Leads Are Never Converted to Sales.

The Solution is RadiateBuzz

RadiateBuzz is an Advanced AI Sales Platform that Empowers Sales Teams to Tap Into the Collective Mind of the Enterprise, to Find Just the Right Human Intelligence and Resources at Their Moment of Need - to Close More Business

79% of all marketing leads are never converted to sales (source - Salesforce). RadiateBuzz provides a new approach and advanced technology to drive your hard-fraught leads to a close. Lead development and nurturing is an expensive process. Once leads are in the hands of the sales team, the outcome is a matter of skill, preparation and the steps taken to properly engage. In a world that buries reps in technology and process updates, RadiateBuzz is a complete departure. It’s a new way to support reps so they can get more selling done without  creating new demands.

The RadiateBuzz Platform enables reps to improve the quality of their client engagements by bringing human intelligence to the forefront. Your salespeople are made aware of who is winning in real-time so they may tap into their wisdom, experience, sales techniques and success strategies. Sellers get answers to their critical questions when they need it, in context, on-demand from expert resources. And management enjoys field sales visibility as never before. 


#1 reason Reps miss quota is they cannot articulate value

74% of marketers say converting leads is their top priority. (HubSpot, 2016)

84% of sales reps can achieve their quotas when their employer engages with the best-in-class sales enablement strategies which are currently available to them. (Aberdeen)

Improve the Odds of Closing Every Opportunity by 21%

For B2B Sales Teams and the Entire Sales Ecosystem

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Identify and collaborate with just the right resource(s)

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Enable ‘smart communication’ between marketing and sales

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Sales Operations

Equip your teams with the most powerful sales and sales enablement tools



Metrics and analytics for better decision making

The skill sets of the entire organization become a discoverable asset, with overwhelming benefits.

71% of C-Suite executives say that sales productivity is a critical component of the future growth expected from their organization. (Forbes)

94% Of Marketers Say Customer Stories are the Best Path to Next Steps (CSO Insights)

Almost 60% of buyers say that one vendor is typically a little better than the others, which influences their final purchasing decision. (CSO Insights)

Enterprise Knowledge Discovery


Our artificial intelligence sales platform works behind the scenes, monitoring, transforming, recalculating and reorganizing your data to create our intelligent Enterprise Knowledge Discovery engine. The engine drives results by automatically tagging opportunities, closed deals, sales people and their teams, as well as content, responding to inquires with recommendations. Sales team members are never without the force of the entire sales team at their finger tips, to win deals faster, for a higher margin.

RadiateBuzz is based on our Enterprise Knowledge Discovery (EKD) engine that is revolutionizing how corporate employees connect, share information and collaborate for improved performance. Sales reps can simply find those that have walked in their selling shoes (in their own company), by the nature of the deal they are working on. The benefits of EKD are not just for sales. The entire sales ecosystem benefits. Enterprise Knowledge Discovery (EKD) is a new class of capabilities that applies Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language

Processing (NLP) and specialized algorithms to assist corporate users in seeking to identify individuals with specific knowledge within the enterprise. RadiateBuzz’s JustSoldIt 2.0 utilized our EKD engine with a focus on optimizing enterprise collaboration and knowledge sharing among sales team members and the internal sales ecosystem to achieve improved B2B sales team win rates.  The entire enterprise benefits from management, to marketing, to sales operations and the sales teams.

Make giant leaps in sales performance and overall enterprise efficiency with just one phone call.

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