The JustSoldIt Sales Platform

Our patent pending AI platform works behind the scenes, monitoring field sales activity. The platform automatically transforms and tags opportunities, selling teams, closed deals and the resources used. Our processing makes this intelligence discoverable. And our specialized matching algorithms assures ideal rep-to-rep matches every time, enabling internal skill sets and enterprise expertise to be found and shared on-demand.

1. JustSoldIt Imports and Processes Clients’ Data

• Existing data is analyzed

• Inferences are created and data sets reorganized

• Data is tagged and made searchable

2. The JustSoldIt Algorithms and Business Rules Create Perfect Matches

• Natural language inquires are processed and matched

• The best experts are paired with seekers based on a variety of variables

• Internal connections are made


3. JustSoldIt

Delivers the Results to Any Device

JustSoldIt enables reps to connect with internal winning sales people that have just sold deals similar to the one they are working, characterized by a host of pertinent variables.

Connect with relevant reps, selling teams, sales engineers, the right product managers, unpublished use cases, the perfect reference accounts and more.