Share Knowledge - Share Intelligence

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Today’s featured story is presented by Linda Broenniman, Co-Founder of RadiateBuzz


B2B selling is a sophisticated human process. It takes experience and human intelligence to deliver results.

Companies are spending more and more on technology. According to CSO Insights, sales enablement investment is up 55% from 2012, and yet in that same time quota attainment declined from 63% to 55%.


Sharing Knowledge

CSO Insights also said that: “sales organizations using a formal collaboration approach saw a 21% improvement on quota attainment”. Furthermore, they went on to say that world class sales organizations are committed to sharing knowledge and best practices within and across sales and service teams.

Sharing Intelligence: the Right Knowledge at the Right Time

One salesperson observed, “Good salespeople know the answers to most questions; they only require answers to exceptional questions which are, by definition, not readily available via existing documentation.” According to Tony Robbins, “People are drowning in information yet starving for wisdom”.

What moves the needle is providing situational, in-the-trenches intelligence when needed, that gives salespeople the confidence and insight to navigate dynamic and complex sales conversations.

RadiateBuzz’s JustSoldIt

JustSoldIt focuses on the art of persuasion – actual selling, when the seller is engaged with a prospect. The quality of each engagement governs the outcome of the sales effort.

We improve the quality of engagement by bringing human intelligence to the forefront. Now your sales people can be made aware of who is winning in real-time and connect with them to tap into their wisdom, experience, sales techniques and success strategies. They get answers to their critical (“exceptional”) questions when they need it.

We accomplish what no other tool can – connect sales reps and teams with peers who have the answers. The best connections are made using AI, ML, and Natural Language Processing.  There is no need for additional data entry from sales reps (we use your existing data).

RadiateBuzz is not just for sellers.  Marketing (identify reference accounts), product marketing, competitive analyst teams, pre- and post-sales engineers, and management (analytics) all benefit. Management gets true insights into what is going on in the field to make better decisions and knowledge flows freely across organizational silos.