How to Improve Enterprise Performance by Incorporating the Human Element


Today’s featured story is presented by Dan Frumkin, Co-Founder of RadiateBUzz

Collaboration, Knowledge, and Data are the Keys to Better Outcomes

When we contemplate knowledge management (KM), we think of structured repeatable circumstances. The objective is to index, manage, share, and create relevant knowledge assets that will help meet tactical and strategic requirements. This is particularly important for B2B enterprise sellers in today’s increasingly competitive markets, as knowledge used intelligently, is the key ingredient, the difference between winning and losing. 

Sellers, however, thrive on collaboration. Every selling organization is a ‘living network of sales expertise’, human KM: intelligent, smart, informed, experienced. When reps tap into this wisdom in conjunction with traditional KM, success rates improve. For instance, CEB concludes that “sales organizations using a formal collaboration approach saw a 21% improvement on quota attainment”. The simple act of team members collaborating propels seller success. 


RadiateBuzz’s JustSoldIt (JSIt) is a comprehensive solution for sales teams and the entire enterprise. JSIt ties standard KM and collaboration together under the concept of deal characteristics. JSIt “knows” who (which seller or team) sold what to whom, which solutions and services, the competition, the industry, and more, deal-by-deal. With JSIt, sellers cannot only identify a team member that just sold successfully into a similar circumstance, but they are also linked to the realm of KM: the right information, training materials, company dossiers, white papers, battle cards and case studies.

JustSoldIt: a Platform for Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing, and Analytics

The entire enterprise benefits. Knowing who has worked on specific projects is invaluable, saving time while avoiding the potential reinvention of the wheel. Marketing can identify and refresh potential reference accounts. Product marketing can quickly identify when new products are sold and guide other reps to learn from the successful seller. Customer engineers and pre-sales support benefit as well. And sales managers can monitor sales activity as it happens with unique metrics and analytics, to create invaluable sales intelligence.

JSIt is a new approach to sharing enterprise knowledge, combining guidance, wisdom and human expertise with traditional methods of KM. It is a powerful solution that no enterprise should be without.